What’s Inside The Cabin In Bath, Maine

The Cabin is the name for a well known restaurant that always serves a wonderful meal for every visitor who comes. The Cabin Restaurant will welcome both local visitors and the customers from far places with open arms. The famous restaurant was established in 1973 and has become very popular for its delicious real hand-tossed pizza. The nautical atmosphere and the rustic look of the restaurant have made the Cabin very special among all the people who have visited this place. If you happen to plan a visit to Maine, you should come to the south end of Bath to find the Cabin restaurant. The location is right across the Bath Iron Works. If you still find some difficulty in finding the location of this restaurant, feel free to ask anyone at Maine since they already know where it is. The building where the Cabin restaurant resides was used as an ice cream parlor, a sandwich shop and a barbershop. One of the most iconic sign right in the front of the restaurant would be a rope mill with a historic shipbuilding model which you normally find in the Maritime Museum. If you are located near the restaurant neighborhood, you would not miss this sign that will bring you right to the Cabin. You will also be guided with the heavy pizza grease lingers in the air.

Any individual who comes to the Cabin will be provided with very special cuisine with great taste. You do not need to worry about price of the food you enjoy at the Cabin. Despite the exceptional taste that the Cabin offers to every visitor, you will not have to break a bank to pay the bill. All the cuisine you find at the Cabin come with very inexpensive price. If you have never been here before, you can ask for the specialty of the restaurant to taste the most recommended menu in the house. You can also ask the waiter about the favorites of the customers to see the most frequently ordered menu. Do not forget to bring all your family or friends to come to the Cabin to enjoy the welcoming and very relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant while you all taste the delicious cuisine. The Cabin restaurant is committed to give any customer a true satisfaction of culinary tasting experience through the inventive menu as well as the attentive service. Feel free too choose between having a traditional favorites and some new menu that you never have before. You can freely come to the Cabin for any occasion or even anytime you feel like to have some cuisine with great taste since every time you visit the Cabin restaurant, their friendly staff will be very happy to welcome you and give the sensational dining experience.

Once you enter the entrance door of the Cabin restaurant, you will have the comfortable feeling immediately. The friendly atmosphere will suddenly make you feel at home. No matter what menu you have in mind before you order, the Cabin restaurant will always be a decent place to dine.

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