What Would be The British Word for Bathroom?

The planet earth is home to various species for many centuries. Human kind is one of the inhabitants in this blue and wealthy planet. Billions of people have been living on earth for many centuries, and they have their own languages and traditions that make them different. We were born with our own languages and traditions and there are almost countless languages used by human kind all over the world. Some group of people from some location has their own preference words toward a single same item, it normally happens even when they use the same language. Let us take English for example, despite the fact that this international language is used by many people from a large number of countries, they tend to have some special and unique words for the similar or same items. Different accents of using English is occurred by nature, yet you might find some different words used in some English country to describe a single thing which is not used or found in some other countries. When the rest of the world use the word bathroom to refer to the place where we take a shower or answering the call from nature, the British people prefer to use their own special words to describe bathroom. Even though bathroom has a number of synonyms in English dictionary, the words used only by British people might sound very strange to most people.

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Generally speaking, a bathroom should include a place for bath, it usually has a toilet inside. However, when you travel to England, it is not recommended that you use the word bathroom when you have to go to a toilet. If you do so, most people there would be most likely to show you a room where you take a shower inside. You would not find any toilet in the British bathroom as they have a different room for toilet. In order to avoid such confusing situation, you might want to use the British word for bathroom, the loo. The British people tend to use the words like the lavatory, the toilet and the loo instead of the bathroom. The word loo is meant for more informal use with your friends, while for the formal situation like in a restaurant, you can use the word toilet. There are some other words to describe toilet such as boys room or little girls room in England. They may sound very childish yet the British people actually use them.


The word loo would be the most unfamiliar one to refer to a bathroom. However, this word has been the most used bathroom word in more informal situations. This informal British term for a toilet comes with some theories which discuss its origin. French might have played some part in the birth of the word loo. Some theory says that the word loo is somehow derived from the French word regardez l’eau. It was found in the medieval age when many servants shouted the word gardyloo by the time they threw out the water in the chamber of the upstairs windows. The word was shouted to warn the people outside the building.

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