Tips For Installing Wall Sconce Lighting For Bedrooms

A larger or wider feel can be given by the mounting wall sconces for a room or a hallway. They can be used to enhance and accent the lighting that already exists in your room. The most decorative, you can find the wall sconces in variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Maybe you will take some time to find a wall sconce that can match your room; it can be a little difficult. You may have to design your entire room around it after you have found the light you love.

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If you have a plan to install the wall scones in your bedroom, however, you still need more tips to get the best result, so you can consider trying to follow the instruction steps below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan and also guide you to get the best result. So, let’s take a look!

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  • First, a hole for the wall sconce and the light switch should be cut. It should be traced around the template that has been provided by the lighting “old work” junction box.
  • And the second, the electrical power should be turned off to the breaker panel by the main breaker that has to be turned off.
  • And then, a length of 14/2 NM cable from the electrical panel should be pulled to the switch part. An additional length from the switch part should be run to the wall sconce section.
  • After that, the old work boxes for the sconce and the box should be installed. The NM cable should be pulled into the knockouts that positioned at the back of each box at each section. The electrical boxes have to be slide into the wall and they have to be attached following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • And then, the wires should be stripped at the wall sconce section, at the panel box and the switch area. 6 inches of exterior sheath at each location, exposing the black, white and bare copper wires should be removed, so the dual NM cable wire strippers/cutter should be used.
  • And now, the wall sconce should be assembled and installed according to the directions from the manufacturers. The black wire from the wall sconce should be connected to the black wire in the electrical box by an orange wire connector that has to be twisted onto the wires.
  • And then, the switch should be installed. One black wire around the top right-hand screw on the switch should be wrapped and the remaining black wire in the electrical box around the bottom right screw on the switch should also be wrapped.
  • And then, the 15-amp single pole breaker for the lighting circuit should be installed into the breaker panel. The breaker should be snapped into the breaker panel, the back should be slipped into the slot and the front should be snapped over the center buss bar.
  • And the last, the main breaker panel should be turned on again by the main breaker at the top of the electrical box that have to be turned on.

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