Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom Like Aria Montgomery

Her bedroom is a mixture of bohemian, vintage, new and stylish pieces. If you are trying to decorate your bedroom become a bohemian makeover inspired by Pretty Little Liars character Aria, but you still need more tips to get the best result, so you can consider trying to follow the instruction steps below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan and also guide you to get the best result as well. So, let’s check these out!

ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay


  • It is just a bed that against a wall with a lot of cushions. Her bed is the main feature of her room. You have to cover the Aria’s bed in cushions for adding bohemian theme. Each includes variety of picture or pattern. An image of the Statue of Liberty on one of them. her bed is pushed against her wall that a sofa kind of look will be given to it and that is more laid back.
  • The pictures should be considered to use for your walls. There is a lot of art work that covering her walls. There are also butterflies that stuck to her walls. You can find them in general craft stores or if you want to create them to match your own tastes, why not get several material and glue and have a go at creating many of your own version. It doesn’t matter whether you bought artwork or put up your own artwork. It depends on your tastes. She also has pictures of her friends stuck onto her notice board, so some pictures of you and your friends can be dug and then hangs them up.
  • You have to choose the right color palette. There is also variety of textures in the room, from textured metallic wallpaper, leather chairs to different fabric pillows. Everything you like and love should be mixed and matched, don’t ever be worries if you are not keep in your mind that they will go together, just be bold.
  • The books should be placed everywhere. She reads a lot. She has piles and piles of books close to her window and a bookshelf over her bed. The books you like might be displayed, don’t put them in boxes or under your bed, put up shelves to keep and also store your lovely books.
  • Soft lighting should also be used. She uses the small lamps in her bedroom. She has one on her desk, on her set of drawers, and on the shelf above her bed. You have to choose and wear the lamp that has a light look like a romantic and cozy effect. Small lamps should be tried and found, so they can be matched into your bedroom, they are generally quite cheap and may sometimes be found in second hand stores.
  • Something like candles and ornaments might be added. The ruffled curtains should be added and the dark wooden furniture should be chosen. a set of drawers and makeup mirror might be added.


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