Tips For Decorating Marilyn Monroe Bedroom

Surely the most people know who Marilyn Monroe is, she is still popular even decades after her tragic death, and the most people still love her, whether it is her voice, her beauty, her fashion or her style. The most people wear shirt pictured of Marylyn Monroe and even there are many people trying to create their bedroom become Marylyn Monroe themed. She is very popular and she was a sexy celebrity. Even she was a staunch advocate for civil rights, believing in equality for all the races.

If you have a plan to create your bedroom with Marylyn Monroe theme, but you still need more tips to get the best result, so you can consider staying on this article that can complete and even realize your plan as well and also guide you to get the best result, so let’s take a look!


  • Using the wall decals and wall stickers can be great for you who trying to create a Marylyn Monroe theme inside your bedroom.
  • The wall stickers are very excellent for younger children, because they are very colorful and can be erased and removed that is good when their tastes change.
  • And you may use the wall decals for older kids, it can be great idea. These are unbelievably elegant and intricately detailed. You can add the silhouettes of Marylyn Monroe; this can be very nice to look.
  • And now we will provide you a few tips and trick how to  create your bedroom with Marylyn Monroe theme easily. Let’s take a look!
  • First, don’t ever be worries if you have never inserted a wall decal to your home before, because it is very easy and simple, you can search the video how to do it easily, and you can get a lot of answer there.
  • It will be look very nice if you add the black wall decal to a white, but I have got the greatest success inserting it to a more colorful wall. A more subtle and hidden surprise will be given to the viewer by it.
  • Her images can be made by you as the centerpiece of the wall, but a few more subdued sections in the room have to be considered. if the understated elegance is your purpose, so a luckily can be found by you by positioning it in a reading corner or over a short bookcase.
  • You can also put several Marylyn Monroe arts, sculptures or else such as, posters, pictures, sculptures, lamp, your pillow or bed, curtains and many more that probably can be found in any furniture stores or you can order it online.
  • You have to create with a little magic touch to create a nuance like sleeping with Marylyn Monroe.

Certainly, it is not easy work, but it is not difficult to be completed. If you are really love this sexy and phenomenal celebrity, surely you can make your bedroom into Marylyn Monroe theme easily and simply.

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