Star Wars Bathroom Décor, A Popular One Among Kids

Bathroom has been one of the most essential parts of the house since everyone in the family have their own urgency to use the bathroom in daily basis. Most people would like to have a bathroom that reflect the overall theme of the house. However, when you happen to have separated bathroom for your children, you surely cannot decide the décor based on your personal taste entirely. It would be better to involve your kid’s interest on the bathroom décor since the bathroom is particularly made for them. They would be the ones who daily use the bathroom. Therefore, listening to what they have in mind concerning their own bathroom would be essential. One thing for sure, there would be no way to apply some grown up themes for the bathroom. Whenever you ask for their opinions regarding the the theme for the bathroom, it is most likely that they come up with some theme that relates to their own taste like Star Wars. While most adult would find it silly idea, the children will take is an awarding gift that brings them comfort and joy for their bathing time.

However, the bathroom decoration idea like star wars bathroom décor could be suitable for the adults somehow. The outer space décor has the capacity to bring a good mood at anytime you need to use the bathroom. This would be reasonable since some other bathroom décor ideas for adults sometimes look rather boring in a sense. Therefore, feel free to try to apply the star wars theme onto your personal bathroom décor as it offers you a different mood and some fresh atmosphere. If you happen to find out more about the star wars bathroom décor, do not let anything stand in your way to finish this article.

There are some parts of your bathroom which should be remodeled in order to present the star wars theme perfectly. Those parts should be able to resemble the outer space. Let us start with the wall and the ceiling of the bathroom. You could either use wallpapers or repainting job to remodel those two parts. If you happen to have a decent skill in graphic design, you could rely on yourself to draw some patterns on both walls and ceiling as well. Anyway, the best option so far would be using the wallpapers as it does not require more time and energy from you. The only thing that might keep you away from this simple option would be the high price of the wallpapers. This option is not recommended for those with a very tight budget. The chosen paint color or wallpapers for the ceiling and the walls would be the sky blue and the dark sky colors. Those colors would perfectly represent star wars.

Be sure to add some additional features like the images of stars, spaceships, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars or comets on the painting jobs. The star wars theme should also be reflected by the the shower tall. Choose the color and the style of the curtain that has some outer space features. You also choose to replace the existing bathroom accessories with the new ones that has some astronomical feature like a planet-shaped or moon-shaped bathroom lamp and some additional hanging decorative elements on the ceiling.

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