Resurface Bathtub – Steps To Do It

here will always be several ways available to do things including to resurface bathtub. You can try different way to do such job to give a new look on your bathtub. Though it might not be that easy to do, it will not be the job that will be difficult either. You need only to follow these following steps to help you.

This is the way you can get a new look on your bathtub when you resurface bathtub. We will try something different this time. Instead of an easy way one, it will be quite specific steps that will help you get a new look on your bathtub. Furthermore, it will need you prepare more tools and things to help you resurface your bathtub for a better result. It is the one that you can use if you need a result of much better resurfacing job that will last longer than the other resurfacing job you do. In the next section, you will find several more details that you will need to help you do this job. Pay more attention on what tools you need to help you.

Resurface Bathtub – Preparation and Further Steps

Though it might not be the only solution you get for your bathtub that start to wear and tear, resurface bathtub will be one of the best solution that will help you save some of your money from purchasing a new one since a new bathtub will need you prepare a lot of money. Following are several things you need to prepare before you do the job: utility knife, masking tape or plastic, razor scraper, rags, floor stripper, acid cleaner, denatured alcohol, fiberglass filler putty, trowel, wet/dry sandpaper, tack cloth, bonding agent, respirator and protective clothing, paint sprayer, acrylic urethane enamel, power buffer with foam pad, automotive filler compound, polishing cloth, car wax and silicone caulk.

First step, carve out and mask it.
You do need to carve out those old caulk and try to mask the hole on the bathtub for the caulk that will protect the areas from damage or staining from the refinishing and cleaning product.

Second step, you need razor scraper and alkaline emulsifier.
The first thing you need to do next is to use the razor scraper to help you scraper the tub. Next, use the rag you have prepared in alkaline emulsifier to strip old finish off.

Third step, clean it first.
It is also important to clean the tub first before you move to sand the dried filler putty.

Fourth step, use the acrylic bonding agent to coat. In this step, your job is to coat the tub surface.

Fifth step, prepare yourself.
Now you need to prepare the protective suit when you spray a thin coat of acrylic urethane enamel with a paint gun.

Sixth step, wet sand and buff it.
You need to use 1000-grit sandpaper to help you and using the buff the tub surface. For the last, you can try to polish it with a handled polishing cloth and glazed car wax.

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