More About Bathroom Renovation Cost That You Need To Know

When you might plan to have bathroom renovation project, there are several thing you need to prepare including the bathroom renovation cost that will determine what kind of renovation you can have with certain budget plan. If you don’t have any idea about what details you can add to your bathroom and what kind of renovation you can have with certain number of budget you have prepared.

Following are further about bathroom renovation cost that will be very helpful for you. It will let you get different experience of preparing your own bathroom renovation that will be available with different detail. Though it might be quite simple, you will not find it is easy when you focus on cost of the renovation project plan. Instead, it will be quite specific on what details you want to add in your bathroom. Whether you have unlimited budget or very limited budget for your bathroom renovation project, it is important to allocate your budget in the right place so that you can have good renovation project based on the typical details added in the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Cost – What You Don’t Know about It

Since bathroom renovation project is considered as the one that come with many things to be prepared, you need to know what things in your bathroom that you need to replace or refinish. Before you might go on to move on the renovation process, bathroom renovation cost is also important thing that you need to calculate thoroughly. The rule of thumb for such renovation cost will only cost no more than 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value. This is the standard cost you will need when you plan for a bathroom renovation project. If you might spend more than that number, you might not get any ideal value for your home since your bathroom will be too appealing of upscale details or even poor detail available.

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When you plan to have such a mid-range or upscale renovation, you will find that each of them will have quite different detail. You will find that a mid-range renovation will cost an average of $16,552 and recouped 62, while an upscale bathroom renovation will cost an average of $52,249 and recouped 56 percent. However, those different costs will give you the same details of budget needed for a typical bathroom remodel. Following are what you will have for detail cost of bathroom renovation.

  • Labor – 20 %
  • Cabinetry & Hardware – 16 %
  • Fixtures – 15 %
  • Faucets & Plumbing – 14 %
  • Countertop – 7 %
  • Floor – 9 %
  • Door and Windows – 4 %
  • Walls and Ceiling – 5 %
  • Lighting and Ventilation – 5 %
  • Design fees – 4 %
  • Other – 1 %

Those are details of further cost needed for different details you may add in your bathroom. Though you might get different details for your bathroom already, those proportion will be very helpful for you to get the best value for your home. It will be the best advice you can find for bathroom renovation cost preparation before you go with further renovation project on your own.

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