Information About HUD Home Improvement Grants

Several programs for qualified homeowners designed to assist in the repair and improvement of homes for the comfort and safety of the occupants should be administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The necessary information on application forms that are then used to determine distribute funds and eligibility should be gathered by the local offices.

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According to HUD.GOV, the U.S. Housing Act that has been passed in 1937 and is has been known as the Wagner-Steagall Act in reference to the sponsoring legislators. The subsidies from the United States government to low-income families that have been provided and their housing and living conditions that have been improved is a purpose of the design and the funds have been distributed by designating the act by the local agencies. In 1949 and 1954, they add the amendments, the goals for improved living and slum clearance should be set. The In 1965 the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) should be changed to be a division of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

A grant for home improvement and repair for low-income homeowners is one program that attainable through HUD. Intended to the safety and health of the occupants that should be improved, the grants that will be given are the necessary repairs such as electric wiring, plumbing and roofing. According to, the enhance energy efficiency such as wind resistant siding, new windows, addition of insulation, sealing of foundation, storm doors or other repairs that cooling and heating efficiency should be improved might also be included by the improvements that qualify for HUD grants.

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The strong community with affordable quality homes for anyone who wants to retain or acquire his or her own home that should be created is the present day mission of HUD. Through a lot of kind of programs, HUD works are the housing market that should be helped, the consumers that should be protected and the economy that should be improved. For the purchase of single family homes and rental units, they provide the loans. The single family dwellings can be improved and the multifamily rental units can be rehabilitated by the grants that are available.


Any purpose can’t be done other than to the home that should be improved or repaired, they obtain the, because the Federal grant funds that have been obtained can’t be used. Generally, the homeowner is responsible to the estimates for the work, and the money is paid to the designated licensed contractor that should be gotten. They will not repay the grants so long the ownership of the improved building should be retained by the homeowner for about 5 years. Before that time, they can sell the home, but due and payable will be experienced by a prorated portion of the grant, depending on how much of the 5 years requirement was met.

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