Fiberglass Tub Repair And Some Simple Tips To Help You Do It Yourself

When you have fiberglass tub, you will find it like the other bathtub type that come with problem. Soon you will find out that you need to do fiberglass tub repair yourself to help you solve it yourself. Furthermore, there will be several things to prepare and some tips to follow to help you finish this job.

Fiberglass tub repair will be the one that quite difficult job that you find on the other bathtub. However, each bathtub gets its own problem and so does this fiberglass bathtub. There will be several simple things that you need to note to help you finish this job easily with satisfied result within. Just try to do these several things and find out whether these simple tips work out with you. The point is that you can do it correctly and next time you can do for a better result. Try to find different details in the following part of this article so that you can prepare everything properly.

Fiberglass Tub Repair – Steps to Help You

The following steps of fiberglass tub repair will be quite helpful for you. You need to prepare these several items in order to help you during the process of repairing fiberglass tub: fiberglass repair kit, marine plastic filler, gel coat, color tint, coarse sandpaper, wet/dry sandpaper, latex gloves and plastic wrap. It is important that you prepare the room in which you will do the repairing job with adequate ventilation as you won’t want it harm you. Now you can move on to start to repair it.

First, you need to make sure that you have all those items to help you repair the fiberglass tub. It is important that you prepare everything without missing anything important during the process of repairing the fiberglass bathtub.

Next, you can start to sand the area of the hole with the coarse sandpaper strongly. You need also to sand outward the area to help you prepare the area for the next step.

Now you can prepare the kit by cutting three patches from the fiberglass with three different sizes that come progressively larger. Keep in mind that you will only have the largest patch is smaller than the area you have sanded. After that, you need only to follow a simple instruction that you can get from the repair kit. Leave it for overnight for the best result.

Again you need to sand the hardened fiberglass with coarse sandpaper. You need also to prepare several things that will help you get the right layer you need. You will also get a gel coat to cover the entire tub. Apply it on the tub and wait it overnight for the best result. Next, you need to prepare a wet sand with number 220-grit to help you. You need this sandpaper to help you improve this fiberglass tub. This the last thing that you can do to help you get the best appearance of your fiberglass tub.

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