Creating A Bedroom With Peacock Theme And Color

You have to know that the feathers of a peacock are decorated with shiny greens, blues, browns and ambers. It is not similar with the hair of human, the peacocks bright, radiant coloring are arranged from bright reflecting off of the feathers rather than mere pigmentation. So that the perfect color of a peacock shifts depending on the angle at which you see it. These are the reason why the most people are excited using peacock theme or colors, specifically its feathers for their furniture or for room color. The most people use this for their bedroom.

If you are trying to create your bedroom in peacock theme and color, but you still need more tips to get the best result, so you can consider trying to follow the instruction steps below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan and also guide you to get the best result. So, let’s take a look!

For the very first, 2 toned walls should be made. A brighter color must be featured by the bottom color such as green or blue, while the top is light burnt amber. Many combination of fabric, wallpaper or paint can be used by you, so your 2 toned walls can be created.

And the second, thin silky curtains of bright jewel green and navy and rich chocolate brown can be hung on your windows. The 6 panels of alternating colors might be used one curtain rod, so the look of a peacock’s tail feathers will be built.

And the next step is the peacock feathers might be applied into a vase that fits the blue or green of your curtains. Place it in an area where the light coming in from the windows can be reflected by the feathers.

After that, the room can be designed with dark leather or wooden furniture. The dark brown piece like ebony or mahogany will contrast very well against the bright colors of the room’s other decorations.

And the next step you have to do is the furniture should be upholstered in richly toned fabrics such as satin or silk. You may look for the peacock greens or blues that your curtains can be mixed by them if you want a bright room. For a more subdued look, the amber or brown fabrics might be used. The throw pillows in blues, browns and greens can be inserted to the bed.

And the next step you have to know is the abstract art that uses peacock colors have to be thought to search. The abstract art might be used that the attention will be brought to the colorful theme, definitely if you have optioned to paint the wall in pale color rather than hanging pictures of the animal itself. The multiple little peacock colored pictures or landscape scenes might be bought or they can be hung wherever you feel the room needs something adornment.

And the last, the lamps with stained glass lampshades in greens, amber and blues can be considered to positioning on the brown or dark chocolate tables.

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