Another Myth During Pregnancy – Can Pregnant Women Take Baths

When it comes to the women in the pregnancy period, there are usually a lot of myths around them regardless to where they live. From Asia to Africa, from America to Australia, pregnant women are forbidden to do or have something which most of the time does not make sense at all. Like in some county in Asia, pregnant women are not allowed to have meals with regular size of plate. They are only allowed to have breakfast, lunch or dinner with the smaller plate. When you try to think about it again, it just does not make any sense whatsoever. However, some Asian people still believe that kind of thing and the pregnant women should follow such belief for the sake of their upcoming babies and themselves. Another example of the myths surrounding the pregnancy period would be the one that forbids pregnant women from taking baths. This belief comes from centuries ago, long before mankind have doctors and scientists who learn about the mystery of our body. Despite the old age of this almost absurd myth, you might still find some pregnant women feel reluctant to have a bath these days.

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Let us have closer look at this sort of myth. Can pregnant women take baths? When you try to ask this question to your doctor, the answer would be definitely “yes, they can”. Your doctor is most likely to ask you back regarding the reason of such question. However, there has to be some reasonable reason behind the rumor that forbids pregnant women from having baths. Perhaps, when you try to dig up more information the people who believe and still practice this belief, you might find some clear reason behind it. However, avoiding the risk of getting some infections in the vagina of the pregnant women would be the closest thing to the reasonable answer behind forbidding them from taking baths. It is believed that when some pregnant woman who takes a bath, she will spend a great deal of time in the bathroom. When the pregnant woman spend too much time in the bathroom, some vaginal inspections are believed to emerge. Even though the truth in this myth is still arguable, that does not mean we can take it for granted. Most doctors recommend the pregnant women to closely watch the temperature of water before they take baths.

The women during the pregnancy period especially the ones in the first three months of the pregnancy are recommended to take baths with the water temperature that is not too hot. Try not to have a water temperature which does not exceed 98 degrees Fahrenheit for the sake of their babies. The water with a very high temperature is believed to cause some harms to the babies. When a woman takes a bath with too hot water, the baby inside will be in a stress condition since the flow of the blood will be reduced. Therefore, it is clear that the bath itself is not forbidden for the pregnant women yet the inappropriate temperature of the water will do some harms to the babies.

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