Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Various Vintage Bathroom Vanities You Can Find

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There are several more details that you will find from vintage bathroom vanities since this is kind of vanity will give you even more choices than the other kind of vanity. There are different details that you can find from such vanity that will be available only certain store, though you might be able to find some of them with wide selections of vanity.

Though it will not be that difficult to find the one that come with more specific detail you want for your bathroom, it will need more of your time to choose that specific vanity. Vintage bathroom vanities will give you even more option that you might not find from the common bathroom vanities. This is the way you can make your master bathroom look different with vintage touch that comes on your bathroom vanities. It will be quite difficult to find local store with such product. The best chance to find it in easier way is by searching it via online. This is the way you can have more benefits to look the one you like the most.

Vintage Bathroom Vanities – Details of Various Vanities

It will not be that difficult to find only the best quality of vintage bathroom vanities with great details to add more vintage touch in your bathroom since there are several online stores that will help you give the options to you. Bathgems.com and Trade Winds Imports are two online stores that will help you find the right vintage vanity you can have for your bathroom. They are the stores that will give you more choices of vintage vanity that you cannot get from the other store. However, you need to take a look on several product that offered by each of those stores to let you know further about their product before you decide which product you will love.

Trade Winds Imports

One of the best vintage vanities at this store is 48” Catania Single Bath Vanity – Black Rub Through. This is the vanity that comes with sale price at $1,429.00 that available with black covered color. With black rub finish and made from solid wood, this vanity is available with the best details and the best quality you can add to your bathroom. There will be three different countertop materials that you can pick for this vanity: granite, travertine or marble. Those are three different materials that will support it as the best vanity that will be combined with wide porcelain sink.

This is the next stores you can find in your list which will let you have only the best vintage vanity for your bathroom. It seems that some options of vanity that you can find at this store will be quite similar to the previous store you see with particular vanity. 48” Cortona Single Bath Vanity – White is one of the best vintage vanity that come from this site. Made from solid wood and covered with white finish and travertine countertop, it will be a typical vintage vanity with a high price with amazing vintage touch.
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