Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Things To Consider In Painting A Bathroom Vanity

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As one of the most important part of the house, a bathroom is now home to a number of vanities in order to gain more value to the house. In fact, the bathroom vanity has become one of the main fixtures among some other bathroom vanities. The bathroom vanities have the capacity to perform a number of functions such as creating some space for storage solution and being a base for the bathroom sink. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, you could easily choose from a number of options which can create new nuance to the existing bathroom without having to renovate the bathroom completely. One of the available options would be to paint the vanities in your bathroom. This simple option could be used whenever you build a new bathroom as well. With painting the bathroom vanities, you can have the same bathroom with totally fresh atmosphere. The overall appearance of the bathroom will look very different from the bathroom’s appearance before you start painting the bathroom vanities.

There are some essential aspect which you surely need to consider before you start the bathroom vanities painting process. The first aspect to think about would be deciding the desired color of the paint. Since there are many colors available together with their wide array of color shades, you might find some difficulties before you come up with the right color for the bathroom vanities. Besides relying to your personal taste as well as to your personality, you should also take the overall decoration of the bathroom into your consideration. The color of the bathroom vanity paint of your choice should go with the overall tone and mood of the bathroom. You just cannot pick your favorite color for your bathroom vanities which can create some contradiction to the overall theme or design of the bathroom. The size of the bathroom would determine the choice of the color for painting the bathroom vanities. You can paint the bathroom vanities with bright colors like white when it comes to painting the vanities in small bathrooms. It is not recommended that you opt the darker color for the bathroom vanities unless you wish to make your small bathroom look even smaller. Most bathrooms do not need too much colors in order to create an impressive appearance, therefore, choosing the colors that have similar shades to the main color of the bathroom would be a nice option.

The next thing to consider before you start painting a bathroom vanity would be the techniques you will use. A different technique of painting is required in painting a bathroom vanity since it is closely associated to the moisture issue. Thus, painting procedure for bathroom vanities requires more delicacy than painting some furniture in your living room or in the dining room. Some painting technique that includes a high-gloss enamel paint would be an ideal choice since it can give some protection to the vanities once they are painted. Another painting technique that requires more patient and more time is the one that features a flat paint together with a polyurethane coat on top of the paint. This technique surely takes more energy yet you will be surprised with the better protection it offers you.

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