Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Best Way To Put Out Kitchen Fire

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Some people might have already known about the risk of kitchen fire, but they don’t really know how to put it out correctly in proper way. Though it can be very simple, you need to pay extra attention to some details will help you extinguish the fire. Following information will be very helpful for you to give you clear instruction of what you need to do if such situation happens.

There will be quite simple things that you can do to let you get the best solution to cope with kitchen fire. It will be about things that you have to do when you meet certain situation in your kitchen. The point is not only to spray it with water or just looking for water or to put it out. There are several more effective ways that will help you put out the fire. Try to follow every instruction thoroughly as you find various situations in your kitchen with different causes.

Helpful Instruction to Extinguish Kitchen Fire

Since kitchen fire is the most often situation that will be likely to happen in kitchen, you need to prepare yourself to be ready to handle such situation with different cause of fire. It is important to act differently to different cause of kitchen fire since the same way will not be the same effective to extinguish the other cause of fire in your kitchen. These instructions will look quite simple and easy, but the only problem is that you need to act fast. People often get panic when they are in such situation that will make them quite confuse to decide what they need to do next. Try to remember these simple things thoroughly and it will help you a lot when you meet this situation.

Fire from the Microwave

Since the simple principle to put out the fire is by limiting the oxygen around the fire, it is important to keep the door of the closed when you find the fire inside the oven or microwave. It is also important to keep the door of the kitchen close until the flame is extinguished. Don’t let the oxygen flow around the flames because it will only make it worst. The last thing to do when you cannot cope with it is to call the fire department to help you.

Fire on the Cooking Pan

This is also a situation that has quite often happened. Like the other situation with fire, you need to limit the oxygen around the flame. In this case, you can try to reach an oven mitt that will be very helpful to clap on the lid. It will help you limit the stop the oxygen that flowing around the pan. Next you can just move it away. Try to turn off the stove to prevent the fire burn the stove. If you need to use the fire extinguisher, you need to aim at the base of the fire to effectively put out the fire. Aiming at the flame will not help you very much.
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