Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Replacing A Bathroom Fan – The Instructions

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If you wish to preserve your own comfort and your convenience that you obtain from your existing bathroom, some regular maintenance has to be conducted so that every part in the bathroom are able to perform their full functions. Once you find some parts in your bathroom in bad condition, it would be better if you repair it as soon as possible. In some case, the broken items or the items that no longer performs their function completely require some replacements. Such replacement act would be appropriate in order to preserve the homeowners’ comfort every time they use the bathroom. Let us take the bathroom fan as our example in this article. Bathroom fan has been one of the most essential parts in the bathroom which require some special attention since the fan has to be replace after quite a while.

The main function of a bathroom fan would be keeping the bathroom in the desired temperature and in clean condition. You can imagine how fast the growth of the mold and the mildew could be in a bathroom that has no fan. A clean bathroom should be free of moist air, and the bathroom fan is well designed to perform that particular function for you. The bathroom fan has the capacity to keep your bathroom away from the unwanted smells and from humidity as well. Despite of giving you some disadvantages, the malfunctioning bathroom fan can also cause some codes violation as most country demand every building has an adequate ventilation system. There is no such bathroom fan that could last forever.

Therefore, after quite a while, the bathroom fan of yours needs to be replaced whatsoever. Replacing the bathroom fan requires no complicated process as you only need to remove the bathroom fan that has stopped working and then install the new one. Most people find it very easy in installing a new bathroom fan as well. Keep on reading the rest of this article to have some clear instructions regarding this replacement issue.

The first thing you need to do would be providing yourself with some technical tools like electrical tape, screwdriver and wire nuts. Once you have all the required tools, you need to make sure that you have cut the power to the bathroom fan to remove the risk of getting electrical shock. Then check for the screws of the fan which will need to be loosened. Once you finish with the screw, you might need to clean up the bathroom fan to be able to find the the model number of the fan motor. The number is essential to identify the right replacement. The next step would be removing the blower. You will find no problem in newer bathroom fan. Unplugging the motor would the next thing to do, you might need to use screwdriver in some models. Then install the new motor into the fan outlet and be sure that you have secured this process. Now, you can put on the blower on the initial place before restoring the power for the bathroom fan. It is recommended that you conduct some test to make sure that fan is ready to perform its function before finally replace the fan grill.
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