Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How To Remove A Bathup – What You Need To Prepare And To Do

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How to remove a bathup will be the question you ask when you do such a bathroom remodel project. This is the one that become a very often asked question for those who would like to have a remodel project. People with this question will definitely do a DIY remodel and they need further information to help them find the best way to remove their bathtup without professional assistance or at least they can do it with without any professional.

Though it might quite tough, you can do it yourself by following these several easy steps on how to remove a bathtup. These following steps will give you some simple tips that will be very helpful when you remove the bathtup on your own. However, it is important to ask for help from people around you to help you remove the bathtup since you will not be able to lift it yourself. See what you need to prepare to help you do such job to remove your own bathtup. Try to read it first before you know what to do to your bathtup.

How to Remove a Bathup – Preparation and Steps

Before you start to remove your bathtup, you need to prepare several things and consider these several tips to make sure that everything is safety and well-prepared. How to remove a bathtup will no longer a question that you cannot answer since you have this instruction and tips to help you. The first thing that you need is safety glasses to avoid such an accident. Since it will take a quite long time, you need to prepare a plenty of time for this project. Furthermore, you will also need to prepare these items to help you: pipe wrench, basket removal wrench, utility knife, pry bar, scrap piece of wood and reciprocating saw. Now we will move on to some steps.

First step, turn off the water. It is important to turn off the main water supply first before you go on the next step. After that, you can try to remove any water pressure by opening the valves and also remove the basket drain.

Second step, remove wall materials. This is the next thing you need to do to remove the wall material using a sharp utility knife. You need to pay attention on this step.

Third step, gain access to the plumbing. In this step, you need to remove the wall adjacent to the tub. It is important to do this step very carefully since you don’t want to damage the threads on existing plumbing wall. You need to place a blanket to slide the tub.

Fourth step, it is time for scrap piece of wood. You need to slide the tub away from the wall. Use the pry bar to help you do this.

Final step, you need to make a hole on the wall. You need to use your reciprocating saw to make a hole that large enough for the tub to move away from the bathroom. You do need assistance to do this.
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