Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bedroom Ideas For Little Girls

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Everyone surely want to have a beautiful and of course safe bedroom when they are taking a rest and relax inside. The own refuge that is light, happy and personal will be needed by little girls. Your daughter’s room can be turned into a retreat she’ll be thrilled to call her own by you with some feminine inspiration and a few creative ideas.

If you have a plan to create a different look and a new look in your little girl’s bedroom, but you still need more inspiration to get the best result, so you can consider a few ideas below that can be very useful and helpful to complete and even realize your plan very well. So, let’s check these out!

You have to know that a little girl’s bed is the centerpiece to her bedroom. Her bed should be dressed with smooth pastel floral sheets and you may also put the pillowcases. A matching comforter should be taken and the wide lace should be sewed around the edges. It might be spread on the top of beds. If there are large dolls or a teddy bear, they can be dressed with a fancy lace dress. The doll can be positioned in the middle of the bed.


The walls might be painted by using a neutral color such as white or black. The chalkboard paint can be used on one wall or you can consider an extra large chalkboard to hang on the wall. The wooden frames can be covered; the patterned material can be used for covering. The materials should be stapled to the frames and they might be hung on the walls to build an interesting and unique wall art.


One of the walls might be equipped with built-in shelves for your little girl to fill with the treasures and dolls. The shelves can be painted in pastel shades that can match her bed very well. Making them wide enough should be ensured, so the school textbooks can be held. For lining the edges of the shelves, a hot glue gun can be useful for this; you can also use the lace that the bed comforter can be matched.


You can purchase 2 or 3 bathroom rugs that is not include skid backing. The picture silhouettes can be drawn on the back of the rugs. You can draw anything; they can be dogs, birds, monkeys, cats, hamsters, princesses, princes and many more. The shapes might be cut out by using a pair of heavy duty scissors. The rugs might be positioned on the floor between the door and the bed.


The lighting in the bedroom should be smooth and soft. A low watt light bulb should be used, at least 40 watts, you can hang it in the ceiling fixtures.


For the curtains, a heavy material might be used. The ribbons and lace might be attached to the top and bottom of the curtains. The lacy tabletop and doilies can be placed on the top of nightstands and dressers.

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