Saturday, November 1, 2014

Men’s Bathroom Sign For A Clear Guidance

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Human kind have been using signs for a great deal of purposes for a very long time. It is believed that even our ancestors use signs as their means of communication before they have become familiar with languages. These days, we still use almost countless signs in our daily life. We draw many different signs to refer to many different items in every aspect of our life. It seems that mankind will always include signs in their history as well as in their future. From the numerous signs that we usually have in our daily basis, we even use some particular signs to be used in describing the bathrooms. Before we are familiar with unisex bathroom, men and women have their own bathrooms. We put a different sign for the different bathrooms. All the signs have one thing in common, that it to give a clear guidance to everyone who needs them. Since we still traditionally use different bathrooms based on our gender, the signs for those bathrooms are also different. Men’s bathroom sign is expected to differentiate the men’s bathroom from the other bathroom. This sign will give a clear guidance or instruction so that there would be no man using a girl’s bathroom. Like most of the bathroom signs we usually have, men’s bathroom signs could be made of three different materials. Wood, plastic and metal are the most common materials used to create men’s bathroom signs. That does not necessarily mean that you will not find some other bathroom signs which are made from some other unthinkable materials like rope, leather or even stone.

The most common men’s bathroom signs would be the blue one that has clear lettering or symbols in white color. While for the handicapped people are provided with some Braille on it. As it depends on many different preferences, men’s bathroom signs could be very simple and modest yet there are also more elaborated ones. They would be acceptable as long as everyone could easily catch the meaning of the signs. Men’s bathroom signs are very essential to avoid the misleading situation. Every man wishes for the comfortable and confident feeling while using the right bathroom. If you happen to get involved in some business like a restaurant business, the men’s bathroom signs are expected to give some kind of assurance that the male visitors can use the men’s bathroom comfortably. Otherwise, if you fail to provide that kind of comfortable feeling, you might end up with losing revenues as the customers will turn to some other restaurants.

Generally, men’s bathroom signs feature some particular logo associated to men. There are also some men’s bathroom signs that include text, handicap logo and Braille as well. If you are looking for the standard measurement of the men’s bathroom sign, you could rely on 1¾” x 6″ to 12″ diameter. Beside the standards regulation, you may also find some men’s bathroom signs which feature funny pictures or symbols on the entrance door of the bathroom. Despite the funny aspect they trying to show, the signs still demonstrate a clear guidance to everyone who intends to use the bathroom.
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